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Mai Mai Vietnam Phonecard

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Your total call charge will be based on the length of your call multiplied by the applicable per minute rate + the applicable fees & charges in the terms and conditions.

In addition, other fees may apply to maintain the card, as set out in the terms and conditions.

Calling Vietnam? Look no further than the Mai Mai phone card. With calls from 0.5c per minute including mobile, you can’t go wrong!

Fantastic value for calling:

  • Vietnam | Saigon, Hanoi, Haiphong
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • and many more

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Vietnam8400:00:00-23:59:590.1390First 2.0000 Minutes
   0.2390The next 5.0000 Minutes
Vietnam Danang8451100:00:00-23:59:590.1390First 2.0000 Minutes
   0.2390The next 5.0000 Minutes
Vietnam Hanoi84400:00:00-23:59:590.1390First 2.0000 Minutes
   0.2390The next 5.0000 Minutes
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh84800:00:00-23:59:590.1390First 2.0000 Minutes
   0.2390The next 5.0000 Minutes
Vietnam Mobile84100:00:00-23:59:590.1390First 2.0000 Minutes
   0.2390The next 5.0000 Minutes
Vietnam Mobile84900:00:00-23:59:590.1390First 2.0000 Minutes
   0.2390The next 5.0000 Minutes

Terms & Conditions :

Prices change without notice
All call charges rounded up to the next 5 cents
All calls are charged in blocks of 5 minute/s. Minimum charge of 2 minute/s.
Calls to satellite mobiles, special numbers and premium services charged at higher rates or blocked
Calls from mobiles may incur an additional fee from your mobile service provider
Credit expiry date varies depending on value of the prepaid phone cards. Please check the reverse side of your card for expiry date otherwise contact our Customer Service Center on 1300 663 570
10.00c Service Fee applies every 1 Days
This product incurs a 5c per minute surcharge when using the 1300 Access Number and a 18c per minute surcharge when using the 1800 Access Number
All calls incur a 95.00c Disconnect Fee applied after 10 Minute/s
All successful follow-on calls are charged a set fee of 10c Per Call
All rates and charges listed for this product are shown Including GST

    Key Features & Benefits include:

  • Now Available -
    Is English your second language?>
    Use the Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese or Cambodian language options available on these access numbers when calling from this phone card.
  • Direct Dial - Direct Dial is a convenient way to make phone calls without entering your PIN number. You can register up to 4 phone numbers
  • Speed Dial - Store up to 99 phone numbers for speed dialling on your phone card

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