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Ezichat Call Manager

  • Modern device to connect your home phone and start making calls
  • Save on your mobile and national calls
  • NO pin number or access numbers to enter – it's all automatic!
  • Choose from 17 phonecard plans for your international rates

    Key Features & Benefits include:

  • Easy to get started
    Simply connect the Ezichat Call Manager between your home phone and landline socket and get talking!
  • Easy to use
    No need to dial an access number or PIN!
  • Longer expiry than a regular phonecard
    6 months credit expiry from your last recharge date.
  • Bonus credit
    Get special recharge bonuses every time you recharge
  • Automatic Recharge
    Never run out of credit again! Set up Auto Top Up for a minimum of $10.
  • Stay with you current service provider
    Ezichat works by bypassing your providers calling rates and giving you access to our cheap calling rates. Keep in mind your landline bill will still come from your service provider
  • Customer Service
    We are here to help! From helping you get set up to recharging and everything in between

    Why use a CardCall Phonecard:

  • The leading Australian phonecard provider
  • Trust, Reliability & Reputation
  • Extremely low calling rates to over 200 destinations worldwide
  • Extensive phonecard range
  • Instant phonecard PIN delivery
  • Excellent call quality
Terms and Conditions

You must have an existing fixed line service.

To access the Ezichat Call Manager service, you must call the applicable VIP phonecard access number, and separately pay your fixed telephone service provider for the cost of connection to that access number.

Line rental and local call costs will still be charged by your existing provider. Local call costs apply to all calls. Calls charged based on your linked phonecard, including call connection fees (to a landline). Unused stored value on a phonecard is not redeemable or refundable.

50c weekly service fee applies (Happy Calling & Hot incur $1 weekly service fee). Additional charges such as service fees and surcharges may apply in accordance with the standard rates and charges for the phonecard to which your Ezichat Call Manager service is linked.

Your phonecard will expire if it is not recharged for a minimum of $10 every six months.

Aggregato Australia may change the Ezichat Call Manager Service Customer Terms on reasonable notice by putting that notice on Your rights as a customer are set out in the Customer Terms.

Standard Form of Agreement

For Ezichat Landline Standard Form of Agreement please click here

Phone Home! Rates from Australia
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Phone Home! Rates to Australia

Country Rates per minute
Argentina 60c
Austria 30c
Belgium 30c
Brazil 60c
Canada 30c
China North 60c
China South 60c
Denmark 30c
Fiji 90c
Finland 30c
France 30c
Germany 30c
Greece 30c
Hong Kong 30c
Hungary 60c
India 60c
Indonesia 90c
Ireland Northern 30c
Ireland Republic 30c
Israel 30c
Italy 30c
Japan 30c
Luxembourg 30c
Malaysia 60c
Monaco 60c
Netherlands 30c
New Zealand 30c
Norfolk Island 90c
Norway 30c
Papua New Guinea 90c
Philippines 60c
Poland 60c
Portugal 60c
Singapore 30c
South Africa 60c
South Korea 30c
Spain 30c
Sweden 30c
Switzerland 30c
Taiwan 30c
Thailand 60c
UK 30c
USA 30c
    Calling within Australia
  • Local Calls- Your local calls are charged by your existing service provider
  • National Calls- These calls are offered at a low rate of 25c UNTIMED for 2 hours. So you can call anywhere in Australia for 2 hours for only 25c (local call cost will apply)
  • Australian Mobiles:Call any Australian mobile for only 24.9c per minute for a maximum of 2 hours (local call cost will apply)